Young adults aren't just obsessed with their friends, dates and video games. They also worry about their money, according to a survey released this week by Seventeen Magazine and Bank of America. They interviewed 2,000 young people, ages 16-21. Their interesting findings include:

Teens worry about money and the economy:

  • 85% of the teen girls worry about the economy, vs. 75% of the guys.
  • 88% of the girls worry about money, vs. 82% of the boys.
  • 65% of the teens have changed their spending habits due to the economy.
Yet, they're optimistic:
  • 82% of the girls think they'll one day be better off than their parents.
And altruistic:
  • 64% would rather have a job that makes a difference over one that makes a lot of money.

1. Young people should be very motivated to study personal financial management and business classes. Their worry could translate into motivation to learn these skills.

2. Americans tend to err to the side of optimism, which on the good side makes for lots of adventurous entrepreneurs, but on the negative side can lead to disappointed expectations. Is there really any reason to expect that this generation will do better financially than the last? Do they think they're smarter, harder workers? Do they think the economy will simply be better? I'd like to know why they think they'll do better.

Comments? Ideas?