Friday, April 24, 2009

Ramsey Reflections, Part 4

Continuing reflections on Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope...

Takeaway #5: Don't Fear

Your faith in God should keep you from fear. If a spirit of fear pervades our lives, we're paying too much attention to the news and not enough attention to our heavenly Father. Dave's wife reminded him of this one day in New York, when Dave allowed the depressing talk of others to get him down.

But faith and work must be kept in balance. As someone said, "Trust as if it all depends upon God; work as if it all depends upon you."

Once upon a time, a person came to visit a beautiful ranch and commented to the owner, "How blessed you are that God has given you this wonderful ranch." To which the owner replied, "Truly, I'm blessed. But you should have seen it when only God had it."

Some of the greatest companies began during recessions or depressions. Dave listed several, including Hobby Lobby and Microsoft, encouraging us to keep working and innovating. Don't be immobilized with fear!

This post by J. Steve Miller, author of Enjoy Your Money: How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It.

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